Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scrapbook Room Delima

Ok we all have wonderful spaces that work the best way possible. Below is my room today. I need so much help on organizing. I somewhat know where "STUFF" is. The sad part is that maybe there is to much "STUFF" What do I need to clean and organize? Is it shelves, counters, cabinets or just a HUGE YARDS SALE???
Any comments appreciated. I can take criticism.
Thanks for looking.


pattylt said...

You have a wonderful space. Your only problem is that everything is visible. If I didn't have "hiding places" (cabinets and drawers) mine would look the same. Maybe check out a chest of drawers and some skirts for the tables?

You don't have too much stuff. No one has too much crafting stuff. No one!

Babies- Beth said...

You have lots of lovely scrapbooks- all 'vertical', and not in one place. If you feel you aren't organized enough, then group like things together, or same colors together, or themed things together- but then put them in 'matching' baskets or bins, and line them up on the shelves. Just a quick thought! I do love looking at other spaces!!